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2020 Edited Proceedings, Vol. 4, 2020
Total Submission: 29     Accepted: 65.5%     Rejected: 34.5%
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  1. Bayesian and Maximum Likelihood Estimations of the Scale Parameter of a New Weighted Weibull Distribution
    M. Sa’ad; A. Yahaya; R. R. Nenlat; M. M. Muhammad
  2. A New Three-Parameter Inverse Exponential Distribution with Applications
    A. S. Mohammed; F. I. Ugwuowo
  3. Sufficient Dimension Reduction-Based Classification of Nigerian Cities by Crimes against Properties' Safety
    K. O. Olorede; W. B. Yahya
  4. On the Predictive Ability of Time-Domain Modeling of Long Memory Data
    N. O. Adeboye; O. N. Ogunnusi
  5. Effects of Entry Requirement and Secondary School Type on Students’ Cumulative Grade Point Average in Taraba State University
    A. Ibrahim; J. Danjuma; A. Bello; N. Yakubu
  6. Regression Analysis of Exponentiated Gumbel Type-2 Life time Model: Bayesian Approach
    A. A. Ogunde; A. U. Chukwu; J. Audu; B. Ajayi
  7. Analysis of Voter Apathy During 2011, 2015, and 2019 Presidential Elections in Nigeria
    Eke Charles Ngome; Dozie Felix Nwosu ; Samuel Ugochukwu Enogwe
  8. A New Cubic Transmuted Exponential Distribution for Modelling Life-time data
    A. A. Ogunde; O. N. Eziche; B. Ajayi; D. O. Omosigho
  9. Modelling Insecticide Treated Nets utilization among under-five children using Zero-Inflated Poisson Regression
    A. A. Adetunji; J. A. Ademuyiwa; N. G. Alo
  10. Statistical Analysis of Measurements Needed to Sew a Pair of Trousers
    S. U. Enogwe; D. F. Nwosu; E. C. Ngome; E. U. Oti
  11. Time Series Analysis of Precipitation in Lake Chad using the Prophet Forecasting Procedure
    S. J. Okonkwo; P. A. Ukoha; E. D. Adedoyin; A. R. Adewoye
  12. Statistical Evaluation of Web Search Engines using User-based Characteristics
    P. I. Ogunyinka; L. I. Aigbogun; A. A. Sodipo
  13. Comparisons of Some Existing Exponential Cubic Rank Transmutated Distributions on Bladder Cancer Data
    A. A. Adetunji; J. A. Ademuyiwa
  14. A Co-Integration Approach on Real Exchange Rate Determinants in Nigeria
    C. L. Ani; L. O. Mashood; A. Y. Egwoh; J. Ozoga
  15. Statistical Evaluation of Operating System Software using Online Software Repository variables
    P. I. Ogunyinka; P. I. Ogunyinka; B. F. Iheanyichukwu; O. M. Ekundayo; O. Adekoya; S. O. Folorunso
  16. An Overview of k-Means Clustering Algorithm
    E. U. Oti; J. Ikirigo; P. A. Esemokumo
  17. Multiple Linear Regression Analysis of Students’ Academic Performance with Variable Selection
    E. U. Oti; R. A. Slink; S. U. Enogwe; R. Bekesuoyeibo
  18. Cluster Analysis of the Incidence of HIV/AIDS in Nigeria
    W. B. Yahya; M. O. Olaniyi; M. K. Garba; M. A. Raheem; R. B. Afolayan; K. Jimoh
  19. On the Efficiency of Calibrated Combined Ratio Estimators in Stratified Random Sampling
    J. O. Muili; R. V. K. Singh; G. I. Onwuka; A. W. Babayemi; A. Audu