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2019 Edited Proceedings: Vol. 3, 2019
Total Submission: 39     Accepted: 66.7%     Rejected: 33.3%
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  1. Principal Component Analysis of Nigeria Stock Exchange
    Chigozie Kelechi Acha
  2. On the Applications of Some Poisson Related Distributions
    M. A. Umar; W. B. Yahya
  3. Panel Data Regression Modeling with Heteroscedasticity and Periodicity Effects
    N. O. Adeboye; D. A. Agunbiade
  4. On the Causal Relationship Between The Gross Domestic Product, Inflation Rate, Exchange Rate and Interest Rate in Nigeria
    Chigozie Kelechi Acha
  5. Applications of some Exponential Related Distributions
    M. A. Umar; J. O. Jimoh; M. K. Garba, R. B. Afolayan; W. B. Yahya
  6. Trapezoid Fuzzy-Shewhart Control Chart Based on α -Level Mid-Range Transformation and its Sensitivity Measures
    A. A. Adepoju; A. M. Isah; S. Ahmed; W. A. Yekini; N. S. Agog; A. Ibrahim
  7. Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Control Chart for Non- Conformity Per Unit
    A. A. Adepoju; U. Mohammed; K. Adamu; N. S. Agog; A. M. Isah; W. A. Yekini
  8. A Note on the Applications of some Zero Truncated Distributions
    M. A. Umar; K. Jimoh; W. B. Yahya
  9. Application of Run Sum Control Chart with Auxiliary Information to Spring Manufacturing Industry
    A. A. Umar; H. G. Dikko; A. Yahaya; J. Y. Falgore; S. S. Abubakar; R. O. David; A. Yakubu
  10. A review of Census and Survey Processing System for Generating Reliable and Quality Statistics in Nigeria
    I. Ahmed; T. D. Okpe; M. U. Adehi
  11. Statistical Assessment of Government’s Interventions on Nigerian Crude Oil Prices
    O. I. Shittu; E. J. Inyang
  12. On the Development of Four-Parameters Exponentiated Generalized Exponential Distribution
    A. Bukoye; G. M. Oyeyemi
  13. Vector Autoregressive and Vector Error Correction Modelling of Impacts of Health and Education Sectors on Nigerian Economy
    I. Ahmed; T. D. Okpe; M. O. Adenomon
  14. Type II Half Logistic Exponentiated Exponential Distribution: Properties and Applications
    A. Muritala; R. A. Ipinyomi
  15. Credit Scoring Prediction with Logistic Classifier using Latent Components from Principal Components and Factor Analyses
    M. M. Muhammed; A. A. Ibrahim
  16. An Investigation of the Performance of Weibull Self-Similar Internet Traffic Model
    J. Popoola; W. B.Yahya; J. O. Popoola; O. R. Olaniran
  17. Burr X-Kumaraswamy Distribution: Properties and Application
    A. A. Sanusi; S. I. S. Doguwa; I. Audu; Y. M. Baraya; A. I. Ishaq; T. Musa
  18. A New Generalized Poisson Regression Model for Count Data with Multiple Dispersions
    J. O. Oyekunle; W. B. Yahya
  19. An Extended Goal Programming Model with the Dash Diet Plan for Hypertension Patients
    A. C. Iwuji; C. O. Atuejide
  20. A new X ̅-Chart for Detecting Small, Medium, and Large Shift in the Process Mean
    E. Alih ; M. U. Adehi ; I. I. Ayogu ; I. A. Adebowale
  21. A Hybridized Linear-Ratio Estimator for Successive Sampling on Two Occasions
    K. O. Adetunji ; A. O. Adejumo
  22. A Multi-Item Economic Order Quantity Model with Discrete Probabilistic Lead Time Demand
    A. C. Iwuji; C. U. Okereke; P. C. Nwala
  23. Application of Queuing Theory to Health Care Delivery
    N. M. Eze ; W. B. Yahya
  24. Challenging the Validity of Okun’s Law: Empirical Evidence in West Africa using Random Effect Panel Data Model
    K. A. Lawal; K. Jimoh
  25. On the Effects of Maternal Mortality on Infant Mortality in Toro Local Government of Bauchi State
    Musa Usman Bawa; Hamza Yusuf Adam; Tisloh Israel
  26. Proposal for Efficient and Reliable Electronic Voting System in Nigeria
    O. I. Shittu; S. O. Oyamakin; A. U. Chukwu