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2018 Edited Proceedings: Vol. 2, 2018
Total Submission: 36     Accepted: 86.1%     Rejected: 13.9%
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  1. A Generalized Class of Factor-type Exponential Estimator for Population Mean under Simple Random Sampling
    S. Dahiru; R.V.K. Singh
  2. On Statistical Properties of the Weibull Inverted Weibull Distribution
    Ogunde Adebisi Ade; Fatoki Olayode; Omosigho Donatus Osaretin; Ajayi Bamidele
  3. On Evaluation of Smoothing Matrix Performance in Multivariate Kernel Density Estimation
    Siloko, I. U.; Ikpotokin, O.; Siloko, E. A.
  4. Application of Back Propagation Gradient Based Neural Network Training Algorithms To Volatility Forecasting
    S. Suleiman; S.U. Gulumbe
  5. Impact of Unemployment and Interest Rates on Economic Growth Rate in Nigeria
    C. K. Acha
  6. Enhanced Hotelling T2 Technique Using Quartile Mean
    T. B. Yerima; A. Isah; H. G. Dikko
  7. Analysis of the Effects of Climate Change on Jamila Rice Output in Kaduna-Nigeria
    Adehi M. U.; Nweze N. O.; Chaku S. E.
  8. A Multiple Comparison Procedure with Control under Unequal Variances
    E. Alih; S. E. OnaloI; S. O. Ige
  9. A Mixed-Integer Lexicographic Goal Programming Model for achieving Estimated Targets in Multi-Product Systems
    A.C. Iwuji; C.K. Acha
  10. Comparative Study of Some Numerical Iterations using Zero Truncated Poisson Distribution
    T. M. Adegoke; G. T. Adegoke; H. K. Oduwole; A. M. Yahya
  11. Modelling the Effects of Environmental Factors on the Spread of Black Pod Disease on Cocoa in Nigeria
    T. M. Adegoke; G. T. Adegoke; H. K. Oduwole; A. M. Yahya
  12. A Bayesian Multiple Change-point Analysis: an Application to Air Temperature and Rainfall Data
    T. M. Adegoke; W. B. Yahya
  13. On Bayesian Estimation of an Exponential Distribution
    T. M. Adegoke; G. K. Adegoke; A. M. Yahaya; K. T. Uthman; A. D. Odigie
  14. Panel Data Analyses using Generalized Moments’ Estimators and Empirical Likelihood Estimator
    K. Jimoh; W. B. Yahya; S. O. Jabaru; T. A. Salami
  15. On Robust Parameter Estimation for Phase I Linear Profile Monitoring
    E. E. Nwezza; C. K. Acha
  16. A Modified Smoothing Estimation Method for Time Series Data in The Presence of Autocorrelated Error
    A. S. Olorunfemi; R. A. Ipinyomi
  17. Autoregressive Distributed Lags (ARDL) Modelling of the Impacts of Climate Change on Rice Production in Kebbi State
    T. O. James; A. W. Babayemi; A. S. Abdulmuahymin; C. G. Udomboso; M. L. Bello
  18. Multilayer Perceptron Neural Network Classification of HIV Status of Children
    T. O. James; S. U. Gulumbe; A. Danbaba; M. T. O. Ibrahim
  19. On Efficiencies of Kernel Derivatives of the Beta Polynomial Kernels
    I. U. Siloko; O. Ikpotokin; E. A. Siloko
  20. Theoretical Analysis of Exponentiated Transmuted Exponential Distribution
    A. S. Mohammed; A. Yahaya; J. Abdullahi; A. S. Damisa
  21. On Parameters Estimation of Nonlinear Split-Plot Design Model with EGLS-MLE
    I. J. David; O. E. Asiribo; H. G. Dikko
  22. Theoretical Analysis of Topp-Leone Exponentiated Weibull Distribution as a Life Time Distribution
    A. U. Chukwu; A. A. Ogunde; I. O Ajao
  23. Comparison of Climates and Economies of Nigeria and Costa Rica
    Ette Harrison Etuk
  24. Modelling and Forecasting a monthly Market Capitalization on Equity Only
    D. O. Beki; T. A. Elepo; S. Suleiman
  25. Analysis of Climatic Strength through Temperature and Rainfall in the North Eastern Nigeria
    S.A. Abdulmuahymin; A. Lukman; J. O. Tolulope
  26. Development of Robust MA(q) Model with Asymmetric Error Innovation
    O. I. Shittu; F. E. Awosanya
  27. Investigating the Robustness of Filters for Integrated Processes in Business Cycles
    Isaac O. Ajao; Olarewaju I. Shittu
  28. Effects of Sample Size and Dispersion on Quantile-Based Plots for Detecting Normality
    Isaac O. Ajao; Oluwafemi S. Obafemi; Folasade A. Bolarinwa
  29. Transmuted Weighted Weibull Distribution: Theory and Application
    N. I. Badmus; O. O. Olufolabo; T. A. Bamiduro
  30. Application of ARIMA Model on Monthly Rainfall Data
    I. O. Shittu; A. O. Bello; M. A. Obomeghie; G. A. Yinusa
  31. Comparative Study of Time Domain Models in the Analysis of Aggregated Crime Rate in Nigeria
    N. O. Adeboye; K. O Omosanya; D. A. Agunbiade