Edited Conference Proceedings
Publications of Professional Statisticians Society of Nigeria

2021 Edited Proceedings, Vol. 5, 2021
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  1. A New Reflected Minimax Distribution on a Bounded Domain: Theory and Application
    M. Sirajo; J. Y. Falgore; M. S. Najmuddeen; A. A. Umar
  2. A Note on Efficient Median-Based Ratio Estimator for Population Mean with Applications
    U. K. Abdullahi; F. I. Ugwuowo
  3. Evaluating the Impacts of Major Foreign Currencies on Naira
    M. K. Garba; S. B. Akanni; H. T. Babaita; N. F. Gatta; A. W. Banjoko
  4. A new k-Means Clustering Technique with Modified Initial Cluster Centers and Centroids
    E. U. Oti; M. O. Olusola; W. K. Alvan; G. Oberhiri-Orumah
  5. Optimal Design of Rectifying Single Sampling Plan with Inspection Errors
    S. T. Iorkegh; P. A. Osanaiye
  6. Efficient Distance Function for Calibrating Estimators in Stratified Random Sampling
    J. O. Muili; R. V. K. Singh; A. Audu; G. I. Onwuka; A. W. Babayemi
  7. An Overview of the Median and Mann-Whitney U Tests
    E. U. Oti; M. O. Olusola; W. K. Alvan; J. Ikirigo
  8. Enhancement of Ratio Estimators for Finite Population Mean
    J. O. Muili; A. Audu; T. O. James; I. A. Yinusa
  9. On Heteroscedastic Model for Consumer Price Index
    A. A. Agboluaje; M. Bawa; B. Y. Aliyu; A. Abubakar; A. Ma’ali; A. W. Abubakar; T. O. James
  10. Comparison of Different Estimation Methods for the Half Logistic (Type I) Skew-t Distribution: a Monte Carlo Study
    O. D. Adubisi; A. Abdulkadir; H. Chiroma
  11. A New Generalized Odd Generalized Exponentiated Skew-t Distribution for GARCH Models: Inference and Applications
    O. D. Adubisi; A. Abdulkadir; U. A. Farouk