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Authors’ Guide/Papers Submission

Authors are advised to read the following guidelines carefully and adhere strictly before submitting their manuscript.

Manuscripts can be submitted electronically through the official website of PSSN.
Note: New Author/User is required to create an account.
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Submit Manuscript

Work that has already been reported in a published paper or is described in a paper sent or accepted elsewhere for publication should not be submitted for evaluation in this journal.

However, a complete report following publication of a preliminary report, usually in the form of an abstract, or a paper that has been presented at a scientific meeting or conference, if not published in full in a proceedings or similar publication, may be submitted.

  1. Articles are accepted with the understanding that they have not been published or accepted for publication elsewhere.
  2. Cover Letter: Each manuscript submitted must be accompanied by a Cover Letter sample of which should be downloaded here. Manuscript sent without the accompanied cover letter shall not be processed.
  3. Handling Fees: Each submission must be accompanied with a non-refundable handling fee of Three Thousand Naira only (₦3,000) for Nigerian authors or Ten US dollar ($10.00) for authors from outside Nigeria to be paid online. Prospective authors who are paying from outside Nigeria should send a mail to the Editor-In-Chief before payment.
  4. Journal Template: The authors must prepare their manuscript using the journal Template which can be downloaded here. Submission that fails to adhere strictly to the template shall be rejected immediately.
  5. Manuscripts must be typed in font 12 (Times New Roman), single-spaced throughout, including the reference section using Microsoft word 2007 or higher.
  6. Abstract: Papers should be accompanied by an abstract between 200-250 words and provide maximum of 5 keywords.
  7. No maximum length limits is set for manuscript submission.
  8. All equations must be written using Microsoft word 2007 or higher. That is: Click “Insert => Equation (π icon) => ” or simple press “Alt + =” on your keyboard.
  9. The use of Equation Object for writing equations is not acceptable by the journal (That is, the use of “Insert => Object => Microsoft Equation 3.0” is NOT acceptable). Manuscript prepared with Microsoft Equation 3.0 shall be returned immediately.
  10. Citations in text: Use APA in text citation style. For example, Yahya and Olaifa (2014), (Shittu et al., 2015), (Nja, 2017a, b), etc..
  11. References: References should be typed in Times News Roman, font 8 using APA reference style e.g.
    Yahya, W. B. and Ulm, K. (2009). Survival Analysis of Breast and Small-Cell Lung Cancer Patients using Conditional Logistic Regression Model. Int’l. Jour. of Ecological Economics & Statistics, 14 (S09): 15-34.

    Yahya, W. B. and Adebayo, S. B. (2013). Modelling the trend and Determinants of breastfeeding initiation in Nigeria. Child Development Research, 1-9.

    Yahya, W. B. and Olaifa, J. B. (2014). A note on Ridge Regression Modeling Techniques. Electronic Journal of Applied Statistical Analysis, 7(2):343-361. DOI: 10.1285/i20705948v7n2p343

    Olaniran, O. R. and Yahya, W. B. (2017). Bayesian Hypothesis Testing of Two Normal Samples Using Bootstrap Prior Technique. Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methods, 16(2), 618-638. doi: 10.22237/jmasm/1509496440.

    Shittu, O. I. and Yaya, O. S. (2002). Introduction to Time Series Analysis, Rajah Press, Ilorin.

  12. Acknowledgement: Any acknowledgements should be included in a separate headed section at the end of the manuscript.

Prof. W. B. Yahya
NCE, B.Sc., M.Sc., PGDFM, MBA, Ph.D. (Munich)

Department of Statistics,
University of Ilorin,
Ilorin, Nigeria.

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